The newest Quantum Rival from Pride Mobility’s Quantum Rehab division launches this month, and Jay Brislin, vice president of Quantum Rehab, was on-hand at April’s Medtrade Spring 2012 in Las Vegas to give a guided tour of the rear-wheel-drive chair.

Key features for the fully functional group three power base include supports the full variety of Pride’s multiple power seating systems, up to 22 in. by 22 in.; 300 lb. weight capacity; tilt, recline, power elevator, and power leg rests; base-mounted unoccupied transit loops; front-fork mounted suspension; a narrowed, 24 in.-wide base that still accommodates group 24 70 amp hour batteries; and support for Quantum’s new angle-adjust, swing-away leg rests that can be adjusted between a 60-degree and 90-degree swing-away in 5 degree increments.

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