Cadillac Escalade

Luxury transportation is not something you should have to give up when it comes to purchasing a mobility van. At Better Life Mobility we think it's important you keep your style. That is why we offer the Cadillac Escalade converted to fit your mobility needs. These stretch conversion vehicles are known for their extravagant features sparing no expense. They are completely customized for those who like to indulge. Some of the many optional features include moon roofs, captain chairs, satellite tv, special lighting, Xbox 360, granite counter tops and the list goes on. The Cadillac Escalade isn't just a mobility vehicle, it's a lifestyle.

The customized features aren't the only things that make them unique, they also come with a variety of lift options to make your life easier. The Ricon Slide-Away Lift is known for its strength, safety and accessibility. When not in use the lift travels to the back of the vehicle providing optimal interior space and prevents obstruction from the side doors. The Escalade can also be equipped with the Ricon Uni-Lite. This is one of the lightest, smoothest and quietest lifts on the market. Its ease of use also makes it one of the most popular. The Ricon Reliant and Ricon KlearVue are other options suitable for the luxury mobility van. While the Ricon Reliant is known for its compact design and reliability the KlearVue offers a unique folding design that eliminates blind spots and obstructed views leaving them both excellent additions to the Escalade.