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Taxi Cabs

The MV-1 (“Mobility Vehicle”) is a purpose-built handicap taxi that is specifically designed to comfortably accommodate up to two wheelchair passengers.

 The vehicle comes standard with a foldout wheelchair ramp and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Fill out online form and REQUEST MORE INFO!

MV-1 Taxi Cab CNG Model

MV-1 Taxi Cab CNG Model


The MV-1 Taxi Cab has an optional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine, allowing the vehicle to run on natural gas instead of gasoline.

The CNG engine model starts at about $48,000.

In addition to its wheelchair-accessibility and fuel-efficiency, the MV-1 sports a unique design that cabbies say makes the car stand out to customers.

  • the square-rigged design is built around a 56-inch by 36-inch door for wheelchair access
  • up to two wheelchair passengers
  • either manual or power ramps as requested
  • powered by Compressed Natural Gas