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Our goal is to provide everything you need to be able to use mobility vehicles with little or no inconvenience. One of the modifications that will get you closer to having a better life is installing a transfer seat . We strive to help our customers by providing the best products on the market and cooperation with the best companies, so you can be certain that you will get the most of your mobility vehicle. Get all information's about transfer seats using ONLINE FORM .


B&D Six Way Power Transfer Seat

B&D Six Way Power Transfer Seat


B&D designs and manufacturs Six Way Power Transfer Seat Bases for just about any make and model of minivan or full size vans. The mobility industry has developed conversions and products for some very special, specific vehicles, for which B&D has developed Transfer Seat Bases:

Leadership Special LS71-DS

The Sprinter seat base is a 6-Way Transfer Seat Base that is available for both the driver and passenger positions of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The Transfer Base comes with a modified pedestal that is half the height of the original OEM pedestal, allowing plenty of room for a B&D seat base while housing all the electrical components under the seat.


The MV1 seat base is a 4-Way Transfer Seat Base that mounts directly to the driver side of the VPG MV1. The base offers swivel and forward back travel, retaining the 4 1/2″ of vertical travel that the OEM seat provides.


Built to accommodate the raised cargo area of the Ford Transit Connect, the TC-100 follows precise travel from the driver’s position to a comfortable transfer position at the cargo floor. This model is only available for the driver side.

Ricon Adjustable Power Transfer Seat

Ricon Adjustable Power Transfer Seat


The Ricon 6-Way Power Transfer Seat Base provides convenient and time-saving transfers from wheelchair to driver or passenger seat in most wheelchair conversion vans. Operation is simple. With the press of a finger, the fully automatic Power Transfer Seat Base swivels 90 degrees, with individual controls for front to rear travel and height -- providing complete control and comfort. This transfer assist seat allows the wheelchair user to safely transfer from his/her wheelchair into the existing driver or passenger seat. Ricon quality assures dependable service and reliability.