Find The Perfect Insurance Coverage For Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Car insurance companies work on risk assessment, which means that your premium may raise if insurance company finds anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, this also applies to the disabled drivers since their rates may be significantly higher when compared to the rates that drivers without disabilities need to pay, even though disabled drivers often present less of a risk than other drivers. Besides, price discrimination based on disability is outlawed by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, so it shouldn't happen. Here are few advice that will help you cope with the situation. 

Considering the situation, disabled drivers should avoid choosing a company randomly, but instead find the 

Wheelchair Van Insurance

company that understands the needs of disabled drivers and is able to offer them policies that are reasonable. There are things to look for when choosing a policy. Since vehicle adaptations are often expensive almost as the vehicle itself, you need to have policy that covers this as well. However, most policies cover the vehicle, but not the adaptations. This is why it is important to find a policy that would cover both.

It can happen that your vehicle gets damaged and that you need to wait until it’s repaired or modified, so it is necessary to have a policy that will guarantee a continued mobility. This means that the insurance company will provide courtesy vehicle for you, so the inconvenience is reduced to a minimum. This can take the form of paying for a taxi or other form of transport, or the provision of a modified courtesy vehicle for as long as is necessary, which is certainly convenient.

In case you have the insurance for the vehicle, but not the wheelchair, this may be a very unpleasant situation in case of an accident. If the vehicle gets damaged and your wheelchairs as well, but you have the insurance just for the vehicle, you will need to pay for reparations of the wheelchair yourself, which can be quite costly. This is not a desirable situation, so you need to make sure to have the policy for your wheelchair well. This also refers to crutches, walking sticks and other mobility products. This type of insurance is called equipment and liability insurance.

As you can see, arranging insurance may be difficult at times, so you need to gather as much information you can and choose insurance company that will recognize your needs and find the best way to help you find the perfect coverage. You can get the necessary advices concerning this particular issue by contacting disability charities. Some of them can even recommend insurance companies that you can contact and make this whole process much easier. Once you find the company that you can cooperate with, make sure that your requirements have been met and that the price is the best that that can be achieved.

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