About Better Life Mobility


San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Riverside

Shopping for mobility equipment is personal. Our independence, comfort, and safety are all wrapped up in the decisions we make about our wheelchair conversion van, mobility scooter, or wheelchair -- and how everything fits together.

About Us

Better Life Mobility = Best in Service

  • Family-owned and operated since 1997
  • Owned and operated by people with disabilities or who have immediate family members who are disabled. "We live mobility daily."
  • Full service mobility centers with trained technicians and parts in stock
  • Dedicated to helping people with disabilities live a life without limitations
  • Exclusive distributor for VMI new minivan conversions in San Diego, Riverside, and Las Vegas -- featuring the most advanced, fully automatic in-floor wheelchair ramp available!

The mobility center that we choose should be a personal fit, too. That's why Better Life Mobility Centers, a family-owned company, is committed to providing people with disabilities:

  • Access to a friendly, knowledgable team of mobility experts
  • Products from the best manufacturers the industry has to offer
  • Nimble service by people empowered to make decisions to help you get what you need
  • Answers and information without sales pressure

We rely on our mobility center to keep us moving with not only wheelchair conversion vans and van rentals, but also with regular mobility equipment service, upgrades, and repair.

Better Life Mobility offers the personal touch that a family business can offer -- with the superior product line and professionalism that an experienced business can provide. We are people who live this mobility life daily and will not be held back by what people think we can and can not do.

We look forward to helping you, too, live a life without limitations.

Our Locations:

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