Full Size Vans (0)

If you feel that a minivan does not meet your needs, we offer full size vans that have all the space you need, while being safe, reliable and of the highest quality. All of our vans lifts are fully tested to meet rigorous safety government standards.

We Can Customize Your Van

Better Life Mobility Center staff is experienced and specializes in full size wheelchair vans with a high level of modification. We can customize it for you the exact way you want to. The great thing about full size wheelchair vans that sets them apart from mini vans is that they have a greater tolerance for additional weight, which is crucial when adding wheelchair restraints, wheelchair lifts or driving aids. Three main modifications performed on full size vans are:

These modifications are crucial for larger wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs. The goal of making these modifications is creating additional space, so you can be comfortable while using your wheelchair van.

Adding A Vehicle Lift

In order for you to get in and out of the van easily, we will install a wheelchair lift for you. These lifts use minimal to full power, making it easy to operate while being very simple to use. Wheelchair lifts can be installed in the passenger-side or rear entrance to the wheelchair van, which depends on the fact that you will be a driver or the passenger. We offer different VMI models with a five-year limited warranty. The size of full size van enables you to use even large wheelchair lifts such as VMI Fiorella F500.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your mobility needs. Come to one of our Better Life Mobility Dealerships in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Riverside. Call us (888) 540 8267 or fill out THIS FORM and we will give you all the information you need and point you in the right direction concerning the modifications that will increase the comfort of you and your family.