Handicap Van Rentals


To rent handicap van in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside or Las Vegas please click button below and choose pick up location, renting period and type of vehicle. We'll take care of the rest!

Whether you are traveling, are considering an upgraded wheelchair van, or your handicap vehicle is being serviced, there's no reason to put your life on hold. Better Life Mobility can help you and the ones you care for carry on without limitations -- in the short-term and long-term. 

Visit this link and check rental rates.

In fact, a handicap rental van can help you:

  • Be released from the hospital sooner; you need reliable transportation to make medical appointments.
  • Speed up the recovery process by making physical therapy appointments on your schedule, not the transit services' schedule
  • Go wherever you want to go, 24 hours a day, and never miss a medical appointment or important meeting.

Vacations, Road Trips, and Special Events

When you're visiting San Diego, Riverside, or Las Vegas, planning a special road trip, or attending a special event like a wedding, rent a handicap van that covers all your needs -- in style! A travel vacation in one of Better Life Mobility's full size, family-friendly handicap van rentals will make your vacation or visit safe and memorable.

Business Travel

When you're in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas on business, Better Life Mobility makes renting a handicap van simple. We remember your preferences, so all you need to do is call ahead and we'll have your van waiting for you when you arrive. In fact, we'll even pick you up in your wheelchair or scooter accessible van from the airport.

Try and Buy

Not sure which handicap van is right for you? You don't have to guess and risk making a bad decision. Try out a wheelchair accessible van in the real world by renting. Renting the van you're thinking of buying can ensure it fits all your needs in every situation -- from your garage to your workplace. If you choose to buy the mobility vehicle, the rental van fees are waived.

Replacement Van While Yours Is In the Shop

  • Repair: Occasionally, your handicap vehicle will need service and/or repair. Don't let that keep you at home. While your wheelchair accessible vehicle is in the shop, rent a dependable, safe, and fully accessible replacement van from Better Life Mobility.
  • Damage: Was your handicap van in an accident? While it's being fixed, you can get a insurance replacement vehicle in the same condition or better than your own (pre-accident) vehicle. In other words, if you own a wheelchair or scooter accessible van, you're entitled to a replacement van of the same type. That's insurance regulations. What's more, we'll do all the billing to your insurance company for you.

Driver Rehabilitation

Whether you have a temporary or permanent disability, you may be working with a driver rehabilitation or vocational specialist to learn how to use and drive a handicap accessible vehicle. Renting a van could help you become independent faster and get back to the things you enjoy in life.

Better Life Mobility Centers have been serving the handicapped communities of San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Las Vegas since 1997. Whatever your rental handicap van needs, you can rely on Better Life Mobility to get you where you need to go in style.