Wheelchair Van Financing


You are unique. Neither your disability nor your financial situation is quite like anyone else's. But searching for the best loan for your wheelchair van or handicap van conversion can take up a lot of time and cause a lot of frustration.

That's why Better Life Mobility offers a range of financing options for our customers.


"Moe and his team of professionals ... were wonderful to work with."

We purchased a new Honda van for my mother, who is in a wheelchair, and we love it. They helped us find financing, were patient and kind, and took care of everything. Great experience!

 -- W. Chambers

We help you discover the right personal, commercial, or leasing program for your situation. Use this simple form and REQUEST MORE INFO about all questions related to financing.

  • Multiple leading institutions reviewed to get the best fit for your handicap van conversion financing
  • Find the best rates
  • 10-year loans (OAC) available
  • Get a loan for both the van and the conversion
  • Same day credit approval
  • All the paperwork processed for you
  • Wheelchair van registration at no extra charge

Financing for Disabled American Veterans

If you are a disabled American veteran, you have even more options:

  • One time vehicle grant may be available
  • Exclusive lending program for veterans with credit problems or outstanding medical bills
  • Trade in your wheelchair van every two years with VA adaptive mobility equipment grants
  • We'll process all bank and VA paperwork and handle VA inspections for you

Stop by one of our locations to pick out a handicap van that meets your budget and mobility needs, then leave the rest to us.

Financing and Workers' Compensation Benefits

Better Life Mobility is a workers' comp benefits mobility specialist that works with all parties involved. We'll process all your mobility needs and make sure that all your equipment works together seamlessly. There are lots of options, so doing a small research is definitely worth it. This way, you will get what you need at a much lower cost. We can help you find the perfect solution!

Don’t miss available opportunities to reduce your costs. Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda currently offer incentive programs that could have a significant impact on the final cost of your vehicle or conversion. If you have a doctor’s prescription, use it to exempt your mobility equipment and conversion purchase from sales tax.

We also help workers' comp companies provide their clients with adaptive driving equipment, mobility vans, and wheelchairs. In addition, you can contact Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Developmental Services to find out if they can assess your eligibility for additional funding.

Everyone has the right to maintain independence and even though buying a wheelchair van can be costly, we are ready to help every disabled individual to regain his/her freedom and get familiar with all the available financing options. 

Save time and money with Better Life Mobility handicap van conversion financing. Come to our center and talk to our financial specialists about all the ways to reduce your costs and get the vehicle you want or call us NOW at (888) 540 8267.