Adaptive Driving Equipment

Do you want to expand the possibilities for you or your loved one -- by making it easier and safer to get around in your vehicle?  Our adaptive driving equipment includes :

  • Primary Driving Controls: We make comfortable driving possible again with a full range of the latest Hand Controls for Vehicles from Guidosimplex and MPS– including Gas & Brake Systems, Secondary Systems, even Clutches!  And we can install Left Foot Accelerators too.
  • BrunoTurning Seats:  Make it easier to get in and out of a vehicle with passenger or driver seats that rotate and lower from Bruno.
  • Transfer Seat Bases:  If you’re a wheelchair user who drives, a Transfer Seat Base adds more functionality to your original vehicle seat, allowing the seat to swivel, have more vertical movement (up and down), and have more forward and backward movement. 
  • Safety Restraint Systems:  Keep your wheelchair or scooter secure while traveling, with a range of locking systems.

Turn Your Dream Into Reality – Drive Again!

If you want to drive on your own, we are here to help you have your wish fulfilled. The first step is obtaining a driving assessment to determine if you are capable of driving on your own.  Your driving assessment will include a recommendation for certain types of Hand Controls.  With that assessment, we’ll help you choose the right Hand Controls, and our Factory-Certified Installers will install everything in our local service location. 

Choose from these Hand Controls:  

  • Gas & Brake Systems – all-in-one lever systems, or customize your choice of accelerator and your choice of brake.  With the Guidosimplex Hand Controls, you can customize your system to include exactly the components you want to use.
  • Accelerators – including Guidosimplex ring accelerators for both-hands-on-the-wheel driving
  • Brake Systems – both steering-column mounted and floor-mounted manual braking systems
  • Clutches – you can even drive a stick shift with Guidosimplex Hand Controls!
  • Steering Knobs – turn the wheel more easily with a steering knob that attaches to your steering wheel. Choose the grip appropriate for your abilities.
  • Secondary Controls – put controls for headlights, turn signals, wipers – even garage door openers – on a steering-wheel-mounted controller.  We have more Secondary Control options – and can put more controls on a single device (up to 11!) -- than just about anyone else around!

We also install Left Foot Accelerators for those who have lost the use of their right leg.

You’ll discover that today’s Hand Controls have been greatly simplified, making it easier for people with a wide range of physical situations to drive with minimal effort.

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Primary Driving Controls

Adaptive Seating Systems

Safety Restraint Systems

 Transfer Seat


Safety Restraint Systems

Whether you’re a passenger in a wheelchair or are the driver in a wheelchair, you want a Safety Lockdown System to secure your wheelchair in a wheelchair van or minivan.  Better Life Mobility offers both manual tie-down and electronic lock-down systems. These systems will help you and your passengers to be safer inside your accessible vehicle during travel.

Transfer Seat Bases

For a wheelchair user, a Transfer Seat Base allows you to drive using the original seat in your vehicle – but that original seat now swivels, and has more movement up and down and forward and backwards.  You can get into and out of your wheelchair more easily, and you can easily adjust the seat into the most comfortable driving position for you.  Transfer Seat Bases increase the overall functionality of your vehicle because they allow multiple drivers to use the Seat, rather than just the individual in a wheelchair.

Keep Your Factory Warranty through Our 24/7 Service

Better Life Mobility is an authorized dealer of these Adaptive Driving products, so you’ll keep your factory warranty intact from installation through regular maintenance and any service you may need through the warranty period. This is very important to know, because hiring an unauthorized technician to install or service your Adaptive Driving products can do more harm than good.  Be sure to call on Better Life for authorized installation and service -- we don’t want you to spend any more money than you should.

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