Hand Controls

If you wish to drive on your own, we offer the most advanced and easily customizable hand controls available!  Better Life Mobility Center is an authorized dealer of Guidosimplex hand controls and MPS Hand Controls for cars.

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Choose from:

  • Gas & Brake Systems:  all-in-one floor-mounted or steering-mounted levers to control gas and brake by hand
  • Ring Accelerators:  for both-hands-on-the-wheel safer driving
  • Satellite Accelerator:  keep both hands-on-the-wheel with this unique hand-held accelerator
  • Left Foot Accelerator:  add a left-side gas pedal when you can’t use your right foot
  • Mechanical Brakes:  choose floor-mounted or steering-column levers to control your brake
  • Clutches:  you can even drive a stick shift by hand with our hand-controlled clutches!
  • Secondary Controls:  control headlights, turn signals, even your garage door opener – all from a steering-mounted controller.  We offer the most advanced Secondary Controls available!
  • Easy-Grip Handles for Steering Wheels are also available in a range of grip styles.

Use your Hand Controls in your car, truck, SUV, minivan, or van. For more information on Hand Controls, contact us.

Choose the Best Hand Controls for You

If you’ve been to dealers that only have one Hand Control option, you’re in for a treat with Guidosimplex Hand Controls – a full line of accelerators, brakes, clutches, secondary controls, and all-in-one systems.  You can customize your own Hand Controls system with the latest technology available in Hand Controls!

Get a Medical Assessment

Which Hand Controls will be the most appropriate for you? This depends mostly on your physical condition.

It is important to be physically ready to drive a mobility vehicle. All California drivers who wish to use Hand Controls need to get a Medical Assessment done by a driving specialist. Your Medical (Driving) Assessment will determine that you have the skills necessary for driving, and will usually help indicate which types of Hand Controls make sense for you. Once you’ve received your Assessment, our certified staff will show you the most appropriate Hand Control options. 

Safety and Usability

Safe driving is of upmost importance, and your safety is our priority. A great amount of safety testing has gone into the Guidosimplex Hand Controls we offer. Guidosimplex has been approved by more car manufacturers worldwide than any other Hand Controls.  They are the largest supplier of Hand Controls in the world, and have been continuously driving innovation in Hand Controls since 1960!

You’ll find an incredible degree of thoughtful design in every Guidosimplex Hand Control. They are less obtrusive within your vehicle, and they make getting in and out easier than with other Hand Controls. These Hand Controls are styled to fit in with the look of your vehicle, and bring some Italian style to Hand Controls.

Guidosimplex Hand Controls also feature minimal intrusion to your vehicle’s operating systems. That means easier installation and better value retention for resale.

Local Installation And 24/7 Service

Once you choose your Hand controls, we’ll complete the installation at one of our 4 mobility showrooms in San DiegoRiversideLas Vegas, or Los Angeles

We’ll explain everything you need to know about your new Hand Controls, so you can travel safely and comfortably.

Our factory trained and certified technicians are available to you 24/7 whenever you need them. How many (if any) other companies can say that?

Get Started Today

We are here to make it happen! Customers always comment about our friendly staff – come in to one of our locations and we’ll be happy to help. 

Contact us for a free no obligation mobility consultation. Just give us your contact information and we’ll contact you.

Email us sales@betterlifemobility.com

Call us at (888) 540 8267 

We can help you get the most out of your accessible vehicle and live a better life!

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