Transfer Seat

What’s the easiest way to get out of your wheelchair and into your vehicle for driving? How can you make driving more comfortable? Consider installing a Transfer Seat Base. 

A Transfer Seat Base installs under your existing seat, to give your original seat more functionality for a wheelchair user who drives.  With a Transfer Seat Base, your original seat will now swivel a quarter turn or more. Your original seat will move farther vertically as well as forward and backward. A Transfer Seat Base makes driving safer and more comfortable!

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Installing a Transfer Seat Base makes the original seat more useful for the wheelchair user – but allows multiple drivers to still use the same seat.

For over 10 years, we’ve worked with local customers to help make using a mobility vehicle as easy as possible.  And a Transfer Seat Base is one of our customers’ favorite modifications. We’ve hand-selected the best Transfer Seat Bases on the market – from the best companies we can work with.  How do we know which seats might work best?  Over 40% of our staff is either disabled or has someone in their immediate family who is – so when we say, “we live mobility every day”, we really mean it!

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Our friendly staff will help you choose the Transfer Seat Base that will best meet your needs.

Transfer Seat Bases Improve Your Comfort and Your Vehicle’s Functionality

Driving from the original seat in your vehicle is much safer and more comfortable than driving from a wheelchair.  And installing a Transfer Seat Base under the original driver’s seat will make the wheelchair user’s life so much easier.

You can easily adjust this seat into the best driving position for you, which is very important for every driver – whether a wheelchair user or not.  And Transfer Seat Bases keep the original seat usable by multiple drivers in the family – so Transfer Seats increase the overall functionality of the vehicle.

The Factory-Certified and experienced technicians at Better Life Mobility Centers will help you choose the right Transfer Seat Base for your vehicle. We know just how to modify your vehicle so you’ll be fully satisfied with your choice. Come in to one of our showroom locations, and we’ll make sure you get all the help you need.

To learn more about choosing the right Transfer Seat Base, contact us at (888) 540 8267 or email us.

B&D Power Transfer Seat Base

Highest Safest Ratings!

Six Way Power Transfer Seat Base

Ricon Adjustable Power Transfer Seat

The Original Transfer Seat

6-Way Power Transfer Seat