Turning Automotive Seats from Bruno Valet

With automotive seats that turn and lower, you’ll be able to get in and out of your vehicle more easily. Call or Visit your local Better Life Mobility Center to learn more about:

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Bruno Valet LV Swivel Seat

• Driver or passenger seat
• Power seat rotates out over the door sill, and then rotates back into your vehicle once you’re seated
• No structural modification to your vehicle is needed
• Choose from a wide variety of seating material options
• Manual backup system gives you peace of mind
• For regular-height vehicles (sedans, coupes, etc.)

Bruno Valet Swivel Seat for Higher Vehicles

• Driver or passenger seat with 330 lb capacity
• Power operation with one button control stops the seat at any height
• No structural modifications needed
• Wide range of materials to choose from for your seat
• For minivans, SUVs, pick-ups, CUVs, vans

Bruno Valet Plus – the Luxury Seat
• This power seat moves forward or backward with the touch of a button, and fully reclines
• Flip up the footrest for added comfort
• Choose from many colors and fabrics for your seat
• No structural modifications to your vehicle
• Manual backup system for peace of mind

Bruno Valet Limited

• This premium seat turns and lowers smoothly, and automatically reclines as it moves through the door for maximum head clearance
• You can move this power chair to the most comfortable height for the passenger
• The chair powers forward, backward, and reclines
• Use the flip-up footrest for added luxury
• Installs without structure changes to your vehicle
• Standard black pattern fabric or many other fabric and color options

We Can Install Your Turning Seat For You

Our Factory-Certified and experienced technicians can install your turning seat for you at your local Better Life Mobility service center. Let us help you choose the best seat for your needs and to fit your vehicle. To get started today, please CONTACT US.

Your local Better Life Mobility Center staff is here to help find the best solution for your mobility needs.
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Bruno Valet LV

Easy Entry and Exit For Most Vehicles

Easy Access Automotive Seat

Bruno Valet Plus

Works Great For Most People

Easy Entry & Exit Seating System 

Bruno Valet Limited

Luxury Seating System

Custom Vehicle Seating System