Stair Lifts

Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Stair Lift to Your Home

When it’s time to consider adding a stair lift to make it easier to get up and down the stairs, here’s what you might want to know . . .

What is a “Stair Lift”?

A stair lift is a small chair (with a seat, seatback, armrests, and footrest, typically) that is attached to a track.  The track allows the chair to move up and down a straight or curved staircase.

Where Can You Use a Stair Lift?

Stair Lifts can be installed on both indoor and outdoor stairs.  Your staircase can be straight, curved, or have a flat landing in the middle of it.  For indoor installation, a stair lift can be installed on most staircases that are against a wall.  For outdoor installation, no walls are needed.

For curved staircases along a wall, a custom stair lift can be created to fit just about any curve or shape.

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Better Life Mobility Center offers different models and each of them gives you different advantages. Some of the models that you can choose from are:

  • Bruno Electra-Ride SRE-2750
  • Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Model SRE-3000
  • Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride Elie SRE-2010E

How is the Stair Lift Installed?

For indoor use on a flat staircase, there are 2 options:

  • A flat track is installed on top of the stair treads next to the wall.  The stair lift chair then rides on top of the flat track.
  • A vertical track is installed against the wall.  The stair lift chair rides against the vertical track.

For outdoor use, a vertical track is installed against the bannister on one side of the staircase.  The stair lift chair rides against the vertical track.

How do I use the Stair Lift?

If the stair lift chair is where you need it to be, just sit down in the chair, and press the arm rest controls to start the chair moving on the rail, either up or down your staircase.

If you need the stair lift chair to come to where you are, press the “call” transmitter and the chair will automatically either ascend or descend the rail to where you are.  (The “call” feature is optional with most stair lift systems.)

Won’t the Stair Lift take up a lot of room on my stairway?

The chair portion of the Stair Lift easily folds up and out of the way when the Stair Lift isn’t in use.  The seat, armrests, and footrests all flip up to keep the stairway clear for use.

Does an outdoor Stair Lift have to be used in a covered area?

Almost anywhere outdoors that you have a straight staircase and available electrical power, an outdoor Stair Lift can be installed.  Outdoor stair lifts have been tested for use in all types of weather – including down to 0°F!  So no roof or covered area is needed.

Your outdoor Stair Lift is built to withstand the elements:

  • All aluminum and steel surfaces are protected with durable powder-coated paint.
  • The seat and back cushions are marine-grade vinyl.
  • A weather-resistant cover system travels with the chair – and stays with the chair.

What happens when there’s no power?

Your Stair Lift has a battery backup system to keep your Stair Lift running in the event of a power failure.

What’s the first step?

Contact us to schedule your Free In-Home Assessment – which usually takes about 45 minutes. 

We’ll measure your staircase and check out the available electrical power.  And you’ll have a free written estimate within 24 hours (many times, you’ll have it the same day!).  Take the first step to making your entire home more accessible to everyone.

Stair Lift May Be a Solution To Your Problems

You don't need to move to another house or use just one level of yours. With the right stair lift, you will be able to use the entire house with few small adjustments. Even if you think that installing one may take long, Better Life Mobility technicians will prove otherwise - we can install it for you in the matter of hours.

These lifts are tested and have proven their quality in all types of weather, so if you choose an outdoor stair lift you can have your independence without the fear that will be jeopardized by a bad weather!

Better Life Mobility Center has a great offer of stair lifts that you can choose from. We will help you decide and explain everything that you want to know. Why don't you increase the comfort of your home when it's so easy? Call our support center (888) 540 8267 if you have any questions. Our friendly staff will provide all the information you need. When you are ready to visit us schedule an appointment by sending an email or you can simply stop by to one of our showrooms in Las Vegas, Riverside, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Bruno Electra-Ride SRE-2750

Electra-Ride LT Stairlift Offers Exceptional Value.

Standard Stairlift System

Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Model SRE-3000

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Straight Rail Stairlift System

Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride Elie SRE-2010E

Best for the Outdoors!

Outdoor Stairlift System

Bruno Electra-Ride III SRE-2110

Fits Most Applications

Custom Stairlift System

Bruno Electra-Ride II SRE-1550

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Custom Stairlift Chair