Vehicle Seating & Lifts

For wheelchair users, the process of achieving mobility freedom doesn’t end with purchasing wheelchair van, it is just the beginning. There are lots of modifications that can help you be more comfortable while using it. We are here to guide you through the process and give you necessary information about available modifications. Mobility equipment can improve your overall experience and give you the comfort you need.

Better Life Mobility Center has a great offer of many different models of Vehicle Seating and Lifts, so we are sure you will find exactly what you need. Come to our mobility dealership and we recommend you the right model that will be the best for you. Look over our selection of handicapped aids and equipment and we will give you all the additional information you need. CLICK HERE and get all information's you need. We are happy to help.

There is a great choice of Vehicle Seating and Lifts:

  • Wheelchair Lifts,
  • Scooter Lifts,
  • Vehicle Platform Lifts,
  • Stair Lifts

With so many models that we have for you, we got you fully covered! These lifts will assist you with getting your wheelchair, power chair or a scooter into your mobility vehicle. These lifts use minimal to full power, making it easy to operate safely and secure, while being very simple to use. You get simplicity, reliability and safety in one product.

Better Life Mobility Center staff is here to explain everything that you need to know and help you make a good decision. We want you to be fully satisfied with the choice you make, so we will help you all the way. Come to our dealerships in San Diego, Las Vegas and soon in Los Angeles (available locations) or call us at (888) 540 8267. We will give you all the information you need and you will just need to choose a model for yourself or a family member. See below on page for more information!