Wheelchairs For Sale - Power and Manual Mobility Chairs

Better Life Mobility Center has a great offer of wheelchairs of the best quality and accessories. All models are manufactured by reputable companies, like Pride, Golden, Invacare, Permobil, Quickie and Specialty, so we are sure that you will feel comfortable and safe while using one.

The Largest Mobility Wheelchair Section at Affordable Prices

Power Chairs

Manual Chairs

Manual chairs are simple, durable and the user propels it manually. These chairs are affordable, safe and some models can be easily folded and stored in the back of your vehicle which is very convenient. Manual chairs are good for people who have a great upper body strength. We cooperate with many private hospitals and nursing homes providing manual chairs produced by Pride, Invacare, NOVA and many other respectable companies.

Power chairs are little bit more complex and the user can control it with minimum effort. This kind of chair will give you extraordinary maneuverability, stability and power and it is perfect for people who want more from their wheelchairs. Better Life Mobility Center offers various models, so we are sure that you won’t have problem to choose one that will suit you completely. All the power chairs that we offer are the result of the extensive research and designed with the user’s needs in mind. 

Service and Maintenance 

Every chair needs regular maintenance in order to function without problems. Our technicians will make sure you have yours ready in the shortest period possible. We are here to help you enjoy your freedom and rich social life.

We Have A Certified Seating And Positioning Specialist

Our prime goal is to preserve your health and be comfortable while using our chairs, so we have a certified seating and positioning specialist who will make sure you are seated properly. This is very important for preventing fatigue and pressure sores. To learn more related this topic see wheelchair infographics.

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