Manual Chairs

Manual wheelchairs have lots of advantages and are mainly used by people who have strong upper body strength or caregivers who assist their patients. There are three main categories of these chairs that we have in our offer:

All these chairs are made by the highest standards and designed with the needs of the users in mind. We are sure that you will find perfect wheelchairs for you from our wide offer! Stay on our page, so you can get more information.

Transport Chairs

Folding Frame

Rigid Frame

Advantages of Manual Chairs

Manual chairs can be folded easily and stored in the back of the vehicle, which is pretty convenient. These chairs are lightweight, roll easily and are affordable. Better Life Mobility offers the best wheelchairs on the market. They come with different features that you will love.

The chairs that we have in our offer are made by the most reputable companies on the market such as Pride, Invacare, NOVA and many others. We can guarantee that all of them are reliable, safe and look attractive, since functionality is not their only goal!

We Can Service Your Wheelchair

Wheelchairs need maintenance in order to function without problems. Our experienced technicians will make sure your wheelchair is always functioning flawlessly. You will have your wheelchairs ready in no time!

We Will Make Sure You Are Seated Properly!

Users who are not seated properly can experience back aches and even pressure sores. We will make sure that you are not one of those users! Better Life Mobility Center is accredited and has a certified seating and positioning specialist (ATP) who will help you sit properly and avoid experiencing any of these health problems. Get all info you need HERE!

Add Accessories for Greater Comfort

Take into consideration different types of accessories and add the ones that you would benefit the most from.

  • Wheelchair wheel cover will protect your hands and keep your floors clean. They are designed with a special fabric that grips the wheel to avoid slippage.
  • A wheelchair seat cushion is highly important for comfort and health of the users, since they offer lumbar support.  There are also wheelchair neck pillows, arm rests and foot pillows.
  • Wheelchair gloves are made up of flexible neoprene with a leather grip on the palm. They are soft, flexible and open at the knuckles to prevent reduced handle mobility.
  • Cup holder is quite useful, since you will be able to take your drink with you and don’t worry about spilling it.

Make sure you find the accessories that can truly help you be comfortable throughout the day. If you need any advice or recommendation, we will be more than happy to help you!

If you have any questions and want to find out more about the wheelchairs that we offer, come to our premises in San Diego, Riverside, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, call us (888) 540 8267 or send us an email – we will answer all your questions and help you find a wheelchair that suits your needs.