What is a Needs Analysis?

You will often hear the term “needs analysis” when describing what takes place at an initial visit to a mobility dealer. So what is a needs analysis? In very general terms, it’s a series of questions and answers, and the collection of key measurements, that a Certified Mobility Consultant uses to determine what the best vehicle conversion, or adaptive equipment, would best meet your specific mobility needs, lifestyle, family situation, and individual preferences. Not every conversion is going to be right for everyone , so it’s important to learn about different wheelchair ramps, lifts, hand controls, and seating options during this process.

To better explain a needs analysis, we’ve produced a short 2 minute video featuring several of our consultants offering their explanation as to the value of a needs analysis in helping to find the best solution. Watch the video here. Whether you’re ready to buy or not, everyone is always welcome to stop in and ask questions. Our needs analysis consultations are always free — and there’s no pressure to make a buying decision until you’re ready to make one.