Manual Wheelchairs for Sale

Transport Wheelchairs*
Transport wheelchairs are typically made of lightweight aluminum and cloth seating that can be easily folded and stored in the back of the vehicle. These chairs are lightweight, roll easily and are affordable compared to some of their rigid frame counterparts. The transport wheelchair is perfect for those who occasionally need to use a wheelchair, but can still easily transfer to a chair or bed. Many people using a walker will make the transition to using a transport wheelchair as their physical abilities change. For some, there will be a period of time when they may use both as physical needs and different situations dictate.

A transport wheelchair is not designed for long periods and daily use. As the name implies, Transport wheelchair users only need to use a wheelchair for short periods of time, mostly outside of the home when going from one place to another.

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For someone who is going to spend a majority of their time in the wheelchair, a heavier, more supportive steel wheelchair should be considered. Talk to a local certified seating and positioning specialist (ATP) to determine what is right for you.

Rigid Frame Wheelchairs*
Rigid frame wheelchairs are typically designed with durable, fixed aluminum frame. Its wheels often have a quick release feature for easier transport with getting it in and out of a vehicle. They typically do not fold. Rigid frame wheelchairs are popular with wheelchair users who have good upper body strength because they are generally not designed for use with a caregiver and require the person in the chair to provide for their own mobility. These lightweight wheelchairs chairs will often have colorful designs and a sportier appearance, making them attractive to active users.

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High-end wheelchairs are often referred to “ultra-lights” and can come with a variety of seating and wheel design options. Ultra light wheelchairs are made with either an aluminum or titanium frame.

Industry Leading Wheelchair Providers

Better Life Mobility offers the best wheelchairs on the market. The products we offer are made by the most reputable companies on the market, such as: TiLite; Pride; Golden; Invacare; Quickie; Permobil; and many others. We guarantee that your wheelchair will be reliable, safe and attractive! 

Wheelchair Accessories for Greater Comfort

In addition to the many different styles of manual wheelchairs, there is a variety of accessories that are also available. Below are just a few suggestions that may help with your wheelchair use.

  • Wheelchair wheel covers keep your floors clean and protect your hands. They are designed with a special fabric that grips the wheel to avoid slippage.
  • A wheelchair seat cushion is highly important for comfort and health of the users. They come in many different styles and price ranges.
  • Wheelchair back cushions offer different types of lumbar support.
  • Neck pillows, arm rests and foot pillows can additional comfort.
  • Wheelchair gloves are made up of flexible neoprene with a leather grip on the palm.
  • Cup holders offer convenience and non-spill beverage.

Make sure you find the accessories that can truly help you be comfortable throughout the day. If you need any advice or recommendation, we will be more than happy to help you!

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*Wheelchairs are not available at all MobilityWorks locations.